Tetoka Payments

Incentivized Learning is no joke when it comes to getting paid and managing funds. Tetoka Payments power and secure all user transactions in a distributed ledger validated by the network. Gamification is light years behind our path towards economic engagement.

Send Tokas Instantly

Toka’s are exchanged using micro transactions secured on the blockchain backed by a highly available network.

Transaction Security

Tetoka’s core hash function is based on a cryptographic hash standard providing certified security over users’ private keys and high speed, hardware-based encryption, Secure Algorithm-3 (SHA 3).

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts control marketplace transactions and automate secure user to user trades.

Sending Payments

How Transactions Work

Tokas are stored in user encrypted wallets. Users are able to send Tokas to other users to purchase goods or services or simply to donate for a good cause. Tetoka Wallets can be downloaded as mobile apps or be accessed through your dashboard.


24 hrs, 7 Days a Week

Support is just a few clicks away. Transactions are always encrypted for user protection and our platform is very easy to navigate. If you have any questions or ever need assistance we always here to help.

Financial Habitats

How Habitats Work

Financial Habitats define the scope and size of educational markets in the Tetoka ecosystem. Your ability to participate in certain economic activities is defined by your Habitat, which is often shared by your school.

Signup or Contribute!

Tetoka Payments is currently in development stage. Our beta version is currently available to try using Tetoka Financial Habitat Level: Local. Learn more about Habitat levels here. If you want to contribute to our vision follow our project on github or get in touch to invest in our initial coin offering.

Financial Capability through Incentivized Learning

An Financial Ecosystem for Schools

A new Markeplace of Verified Products and Vendors