Tetoka uses cryptographic hash standard SHA-3.

As a cryptographic hash standard providing certified security over users’ private keys and high speed, hardware-based encryption, Secure Algorithm-3 (SHA 3) proved to be the best candidate for our use. SHA-3, was released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2015 as its standard “next-generation tool for securing the integrity of electronic information.” Developed via a “public competition and vetting process that drew 64 submissions worldwide of proposed hashing algorithms,” SHA-3 is the current Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).

As described by the Keccak team, “The SHA-1 and SHA-2 NIST standard hash functions were designed behind closed doors at NSA. The standards were put forward in 1995 and 2001 respectively, without public scrutiny of any significance,” They go on to state that “SHA-3 is the result of an open call of NIST to the cryptographic community for hash function proposals. There was no restriction on who could participate, so submissions were open in the broadest possible sense.” SHA-3 was truly a community-driven development in cryptography.

SHA-3 appears to have the best resistance to quantum computing based attacks. This is still a subject of much contention but recent research should alleviate these concerns. A team at the University of Waterloo studied how well SHA-2 and SHA-3 were able to resist a pre-image attack using Grover’s quantum search algorithm. SHA-3 did very well.

Source: Equibit