Tetoka Financial Habitats

At the core of all financial activity in the Tetoka Learning Platform is the concept of Financial Habitats. Financial Habitats are specific economic environments designed to meet and match a user’s financial capability as well as a given institutions visibility and reach as a Marketplace participant.

Tetoka Financial Habitats

Tetoka Financial Habitat Levels are divided into four tiers. Each tier expands upon the previous tier until the largest Habitat is achieved.

School Habitat

Tetoka School Habitat is tier 1 of all environments with support for running a localized economy inside the classroom.

Community Habitat

Tetoka Community Habit is tier 2 and introduces access to wider Marketplace of verified vendors and products.

National Habitat

Tetoka National Habitat exposes schools and vendors from other states in the country to each other, enabling a larger economy.

Global Habitat

Tetoka Global Habitat creates a global network of schools working towards financial capability and pursuing the highest standards.