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Welcome to our blog. You can use this space to learn about financial technology applied to education as well as find information about our approach towards security, DevOps Infrastructure and Software design.

Tetoka Financial Habitats

HABITAT LEVELS: School - Internal economic environment: e-commerce functionality is limited to products sold by the school, or local neighborhood vendors donating promotional products to the school for use in the program. Local volunteer mentorship...

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How Transactions Work

Tetoka is based on the open source decentralized principle of cryptographic assets like bitcoin, with added rules and behaviors which take into account recent developments of crypto asset world and the troubles it overcame, to create a unified solution at the service...

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Security of SHA 3

Tetoka uses cryptographic hash standard SHA-3. As a cryptographic hash standard providing certified security over users’ private keys and high speed, hardware-based encryption, Secure Algorithm-3 (SHA 3) proved to be the best candidate for our use. SHA-3,...

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Signup or Contribute!

Tetoka Payments is currently in development stage. Our beta version is currently available to try using Tetoka Financial Habitat Level: Local. Learn more about Habitat levels here. If you want to contribute to our vision follow our project on github or get in touch to invest in our initial coin offering.

Financial Capability through Incentivized Learning

An Financial Ecosystem for Schools

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