Financial Education Payment Network

We need to teach our youth about money and reward them for it.

Online Learning

Tetoka’s onine learning platform is at the core of all user interactions and experiences.

Depending on the scope of your chosen Financial Habitat, students will have access to a range of opportunities to earn virtual money and engage with their peers. Your dashboard is your connection to the habitat, the way you manage funds and also track your progress.

Classroom Earning

Students are assigned roles in the classroom and rewarded for their performance.

Tetoka rewards students with TOKAS the official Tetoka ecosystem currency. Tokas can be used to make purchases, perform exchanges or pay for tasks. Tokas can be purchased and used for fundraising, sponsoring events or high performing students.

Financial Habitats

Supervised purchases in a marketplace of vetted and trusted vendors.

Tetoka creates a network of educators, businesses, parents and students effectively exposing students to real world financial activities with greater impact on their learning.

Payment Network for Schools

We create a payment network for local businesses and schools, while connecting vendors to a bigger market of potential customers in the education sector. We focus on e-commerce, Tetoka powers a marketplace of vetted and trusted vendors.

Tetoka Learning System

Online learning management system for the classroom. Tetoka doubles as a social network for teachers, parents and schools creating a curated marketplace for local business.

Tetoka Payments

Blockchain payment system and service distribution for Tetoka Learning platform. Transactions fulfilled by Smart contracts and distributed volunteer computing to save the world.

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